TruSeries by TruSteel

Cold Solvent Extraction from Start to Finish

What is the TruSeries process?

The TruSeries process works to help you operate consistently within the parameters set by the operator.


What are the benefits of TruSeries?

– Eliminates full-time operators

– Increases efficiency of the entire extraction process

– Scale up without adding labor

– Integrates easily with processing equipment up and down stream

– Produces a more consistent end product

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Solvent Cooling

What is TruSteel’s Inline Cooling Series?

InstaCool series is designed to chill clean solvent from room temperature down to -65F, completely inline.

What are the benefits to using the InstaCool Series?

  • Control filling of any centrifuge or extractor with adjustable volumes at the push of a button
  • Flow meter with precise measurement
  • 7 thermocouples for measuring process and cooling temps
  • Float switches to ensure your pump never runs dry and tanks never overfill
  • Automation comes standard with a C1D2 rated 12-inch HMI with maximum pixel density, built-in fail safes, configurable users, recipes, alarms, data logging, and remote access.


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What is Trusteel’s Centrifuge Extraction options?

Whether you’re extracting on a small, mid, or industrial scale – TruSteel has the centrifuge extraction equipment and method to scale your business. All of our extraction options allow for full integration with InstaCool & TruSeries.

What are the benefits to using our Extraction options?

  • Optimized basket configuration for long term durability and balance
  • Proprietary Opti-Balance intelligent load sensing system for superior safety and product durability
  • Multi-function jacketed housing supporting either liquid coolant or vacuum insulation
  • Engineered for ease of operation by a single operator.


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Solvent Recovery

What makes TruSteel’s AutoVap Series different from other solvent recovery systems?

TruSteel’s AutoVap Series are fully automated solvent recovery systems that allow for you to upgrade and scale up seamlessly as needed. We also allow for full integration with our entire TruSeries.

What are the benefits to using TruSteel’s AutoVap Series?

  • Full automation and ability to scale up
  • Most efficient solvent recovery systems on the market when comparing throughput to footprint
  • Built-in fail safes, alarms, data logging, and remote access
  • 99% recovery rate on the first pass
  • Trade-up program

Check out the entire AutoVap Series line for a product that fits your needs!


How does TruSteel’s Decarb Series work?

TruSteel’s Decarb Series is your solution to high volume decarboxylation. Our DR-10 is capable of devolitizing and decarbing up to 10 gallons of material per batch. The DR-10 works great in tandem with TruSteel AutoVaps in a closed loop system.

What are the benefits to using the DR-10?

  • C1D1 complaint motor, chiller, heater, and oil heater
  • Remote for variable frequency drive
  • Precise temperature readings allow for full control
  • All necessary ancillary equipment
  • Comes with standard neoprene over Kevlar insulation wrap to ensure safe operation

High volume decarboxylation? No problem!

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What Distillation options does TruSteel offer?

TruSteel brings you the EVO 6 Wiped Film Series which achieves the ultimate separation with a Long Path Evaporator. If you wish to further process heavier compounds, we offer Short Path Evaporators to achieve higher purities.

What are the benefits to using the EVO 6 Series?

  • Long Path: Increases the vapor path so that it limits crossover in the de-volatilization stage, increasing yields and removal efficiencies. (Recommended for First Stage)
  • Short Path: Distance of the vapor is minimal, and deep vacuum is applied for critical molecular separation and higher purities. (Recommended for Second Stage)
  • Multi-Stage Distillation: Built with modularity in mind, build your way up to the ultimate distillation machine by combining long and short path distillation and provide greater flexibility and maximize purity. This modular design allows for continuous expansion as your business grows!

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