TruSteel AutoVap Series Falling Film Evaporators are the solution for large-scale solvent recovery.
Dramatically reduce overall footprint, energy costs, consumable costs, staff required to operate equipment, and all the headaches and bottlenecks.


TruSteel AutoVap Series Falling Film Evaporators are the solution for large-scale solvent recovery.


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15 Gallons/Hour Manually Operated

    • Up to 15 Gal./Hr. Solvent Recovery
    • 30 Second Residence Time
    • High Quality Parts Built to Last
    • Scalable Model
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Training & Ongoing Support


30 Gallons/Hour Fully Automated

      • Up to 30 Gal./Hr. Solvent Recovery
      • 30 Second Residence Time
      • High Quality Parts Built to Last
      • Scalable Model
      • 1 Year Warranty
      • Training & Ongoing Support


10 Gallon Batches

  • 10 gal. per batch
  • Footprint: 2’D x 2’W x 5’H
  • Ideal Temperature Range for Decarboxylation
  • Constant, Even Heating
  • Simple Feed and Discharge
  • Efficient Cold Trap for Volatiles

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TruSteel Quality

TruSteel are a professional team of engineers with experience in the extraction industry.  Our tagline “By Extractors For Extractors reflects our knowledge of the industry and our commitment to help it thrive on a large scale.

TruSteel is a USA company and all our products are build right here in California.  We only source the highest quality parts for the highest quality, long lasting machines on the market.

The production capacities of TruSteel AutoVaps set these machines apart from any other in the industry.  But, more importantly, a professional customer service team backs our products to ensure you are 100% satisfied with all aspects of your investment with TruSteel.

TruSteel AutoVaps, as with all our products, are built to last.  Made with high quality stainless steel parts and a 1 year warranty to go along with it.  These machines are built with the ability to scale up at any time to meet your capacity needs.

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AutoVap Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-use the collected solvent (ethanol)?


What is used to heat the evaporator column?

Heated Water

What is the max temperature in the column?

90 Celsius / 194 Fahrenheit

What is the average residence time?

30 Seconds

How much solvent can be recovered on the 1 st pass?


What is the max psi in the unit?

Under 15 PSI

How is material transferred through the unit?


Does the AutoVap require installation under a vent hood?

NO. The AutoVap can vent off in
another room or outside.

Is the heater and chiller rated for installation outside?

YES; we recommend this, as the chiller
does output a lot of heat. We also recommend building a covering as well.

What is recommended for removing the final % of solvent in material?

Decarboxylation Vessel
DR-10 by TruSteel

What maintenance is required?

Cleaning cycle at end of operation and quarterly scheduled maintenance for replacing gaskets

How many amps do I need to run this?

Some of the ancillary equipment requires 90+ amp breakers. We recommend having your electrician contact TruSteel for electrical requirements.

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Your Ideal Closed Loop
Extraction system

TruSteel knows what it takes to run a large-scale closed-loop extraction system.  From our experience, we know how important each piece of equipment is for each step in the extraction process.  For more information, contact our skilled and knowledgable team.

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The most common form of large scale cannabis extraction relies on a solvent, such as alcohol. In brief, the cannabis soaks in alcohol, usually ethanol, the plant material is then removed, the liquid filtered, and the alcohol is removed with some form of evaporation.

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Tincture Tank / Winterization

Winterization is done after the initial extraction procedure. Doing so separates the waxes and lipids from the oil, forcing them to collect at the top of the mixture for easy filtration. 

Talk to TruSteel experts for the best Winterization Solution for your needs


Dewaxing and Carbon Scrubbing are an essential part of the extraction process.

Dewaxing and carbon scrubbing removes plant fats and lipids. Critical to producing a translucent final product.
Carbon scrubbing removes color and unwanted color compounds.

Talk to one of our experts about a great solution to your large-scale filtration processes.

There is no doubt that alcohol recovery has become one the biggest bottle-necks in the industrial extraction industry.

The AutoVap Series are the ideal solution to your closed loop system.

With fast, automated recovery times, the AutoVap breaks your bottlenecks while effectively and efficiently recovering your solvent from your material.

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After solvent recovery, Decarboxylation will be necessary, along with degumming.  Wouldn't it be nice if this process was automated and part of your closed-loop system?

TruSteel's DR-10 is your solution.
Talk to our team of experts for more information about the DR-10.

What is Degumming?

Plants sugars and polysaccharides can come over in the initial extraction process and are not removed with initial dewaxing.  We call these "gums".  With most systems they tend to be difficult to remove and are not desired in your final product.  The DR-10 is the solution!

Post distillation is the final step in your pilot plant.  It moves all VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and heavier components and leaves you with pristine oil.
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