Our Solutions

Processing Equipment

Our solutions to your processing needs include centrifuge extraction equipment, solvent storage and solvent chilling equipment, winterization equipment, filtration equipment, solvent recovery equipment, decarboxylation equipment, distillation equipment, process piping and ancillary equipment required to integrate equipment. 

Why Choose TruSteel?

State of the Art Solutions

Our solutions are tailor-made to the highest engineering standard for your specific application, your requirements, and your future. TruSteel technology can be found in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food/bev and agricultural applications, paving the way for the future of processing and manufacturing.

Return on Investment

Combining high-efficiency solutions with high output capabilities and automation to reduce labor and increase consistency, our clients have some of the highest returns on investment in the industry and can grow by taking market share quickly!

TruSupport to Constantly Produce

TruSteel’s clients have the benefit of working with one company for all of their ethanol extraction and processing needs, including maintenance and service of the equipment, spare parts kits, and on-site training on all things extraction, which allows them to have a consistent product and an extremely high uptime in production, ultimately creating higher profit margin.

OEM & Knowledge Provider

We have personal experience in the various industries that we work in and are a source of knowledge for our clients to find solutions to pressing problems quickly! We manufacture everything in the USA and keep engineering in-house so that we have the control to constantly improve on our equipment design and software.