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About Us


TruSteel is leading the way in large scale solvent recovery. Our team of engineers and fabricators has created one of a kind machinery that not only allows for large volume production, but dramatically reduces overall footprint, energy costs, consumable costs, staff required to operate the equipment, and all the headaches. One solid-state solvent evaporator can replace the workload of 10 of the industries largest standard rotary evaporators.

By Extractors For Extractors The mission of TruSteel is to provide this fast growing and evolving industry with the equipment necessary to keep up with demands while decreasing bottlenecks in the extraction process.

Our Team

TruSteel is a team of experienced, professional engineers, technicians, and customer service representatives. Our motto, “By Extractors For Extractors” emphasizes our knowledge of the industry and our mission to help formulate a more cost effective, efficient system for extraction.


Ray Van Lenten

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Adam Soss

Mechanical Designer

Bryan Smith

Process Designer

Matt Owens

Chief Science Officer


Hayden Tucker


Nathan Radabaugh

Business Development Manager

Ryan Miller

Account Manager

Jeff Behrendt

Account Manager

Project Management & Customer Service

Pete Currington

Project Manager

Kris Wakamiya

Project Coordinator

Production & Install

Dustin Keller

Director of Operations

Alex Sandoval

Lead Technician

Zach "Zap" Perkins

Production Manager

Taylor Witham

Precision Assembler

Tristan Cook

Precision Assembler


Micah Vince

Lead Fabricator

Aaron Smith


Aidan Smith

Shop Assistant


Riki Erickson

Marketing Manager

Nick Madrid

Social Media Manager


Emileigh Blevins

Human Resources

Kathryn Laidley

Senior Accountant

Sam Erickson

Office Receptionist

Timeline Of Growth

    • Ray and Andrew incorporated TruSteel at first location, 2,800 ft2
    • 1st product, a multipurpose vessel was a success
    • 1st functional AutoVap prototype developed and sold
    • Merged with Canopy Crawler
    • Moved into 8,000 sq. Ft facility
    • Patent filed for AutoVap
    • 2nd and 3rd products launched (DR10 and AV30)
    • Over 30 units sold
    • Attended first industry trade show
    • Sold 2 end-to-end extraction systems
    • Moved into 22,000 sq. ft. Facility
    • Sold over 100 units
    • 1st AutoVap sold into pharmaceutical market
    • 1st AutoVap sold to Canada, Columbia, and Europe!
    • Strategic partnership with REVO process
    • 4 new products launched at MJBizCon (IC100, EVO, AV100 & AV300)
    • Launching the TRU Series – End to End Extraction Systems
    • Moving from Product based to solution based provider within Cannabis and Hemp Markets
    • Customized solution provider within expanded offerings for various industries

Built In The USA

Designed and built in the USA, TruSteel machines are engineered to meet your goals and beyond. From fine tuned engineering with a deep understanding of the extraction industry, to complete customer service and satisfaction, you will find TruSteel AutoVap machines are your solution on any scale.

Our team here is ready to set you up with the ideal Auto Evaporation machinery for you.