Frequently Asked Questions

This is up to the operator as each SOP varies. That being said we see a lot of facilities aim to achieve –40 degrees.  

Refer to user manual or give customer support a call at….. 

Yes with each purchase, shipping, training, and installation support is included.  

TruSteels offers a wide range of sizes. We can work with your team to ensure our equipment will meet your space requirements.  

This depends on the level of automation required by the client. The TruSeries can be automated to run on a central remote HMI tablet, reducing the amount of labor required. With full automation you will require an operator to load/unload fiter bags from the centrifuge.  

TruSteel offers 3rd party engineering peer reviews, SF1, 21-CFR-11, MTRs,IQ, OQ 

Yes TruSteel produces a front-to-back solution called the TruSeries. The TruSeries includes solvent chilling via the Instacool; extraction via Western States C40, filtration with ErtelAlsop, solvent evaporation with the AutoVap, decarboxylation using the Decarb-Reactor, and distillation using EVO.  

We recommend grinding the material to a 1/8-¼”, medium grind. When extracting with a centrifuge it’s important to find a balanced grind that facilitates a clean extraction without exposing too many unwanted compounds. During the spin dry process, you want the solvent to evacuate the cellulose matrix and a medium course grind is ideal to ensure the material does not cake on the wall of the centrifuge preventing solvent from escaping.  

Color remediation of the final product begins with how the input material was harvested and stored. The process continues by ensuring the material has an ideal grind size before extraction. If wanting to reduce the pickup of chlorophylls and pigments, lowering the temperature of the solvent will change the selectivity of the solvent thus limiting the pickup of unwanted pigments, gums, sugars, lipids, and fats. After extraction of the material, the micelle can be filtered using various media like carbon and silica to further remove color. Throughout the rest of the process, it is important to operate under vacuum conditions, void of oxygen, with minimal heat, to reduce changes of product degradation. By following sound Standard Operating Procedures, from cradle to grave, a processor can ensure the lightest product possible.  

When operating a TruSeries system, the process temperatures are stabilized during the entire process eliminating a need for a long winterization process. However, we have clients with various needs and in those cases we include a winterization step to meets clients needs.  

Neither, the Instacool uses a glycol chiller to chill the heat exchangers. This design allows the use of glycol to stabilize each step of the process line.  

The InstaCool is an inline chilling solution that allows the operator to select desired temperature and output volume. The InstaCool provides on demand chilled solvent for the centrifuge.  

Yes, we offer a custom solution. Call us today to learn more.  

TruSteel is proud to design/prototype/manufacture/assemble a variety of equipment at our facility in Grass Valley, CA.  

The modularity of the TruSeries allows a variety of centrifuge options, ranging from RD/Start-Up, commercial, and light industrial.  

The C15 average load size is 12-15 lbs. Call us today to ask about our tabletop RD centrifuge by WS.  

GMP is a standard for our clients, and our equipment meets their needs. TruSteels equipment meets todays pharmaceutical standards. SF1, MTR, 21-CFR-11 

Yes, however f you place an AutoVap in a C1D1 environment, you will downgrade the rooms rating to C1D2, the rating of the AutoVap. 

The decarboxylation process after the AutoVap can be accomplished with our Decarboxylation Reator DR-10, or with a Rotovap. We suggest that every lab keep a Rotovap for various other lab processes.  

We offer pre-engineered UL listed booths and modular labs from our partners at Podtronix. See link…. 

Yes we work with PSInspectors to provide engineering peer reviews of TruSteels equipment and PSI works with our clients to ensure compliance with the entire operation.   

TruSteels equipment is engineered peer reviewed with specific components, some of which are custom designed to meet equipment specifications. If you have further questions, reach out to one of our technical sales agents and they can assist you.  

TruSteel is a grass-roots, Northern California cannabis startup that is owned and operated by processors. Like many exceptional stories, we got our start in the garage and have since expanded to serve cannabis, hemp, nutraceuticals, biotech, and pharmaceutical. The company manufactures its equipment in USA and we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and engineering.  

We are happy to support used TruSteel equipment. We can offer clients the option to send the equipment to TruSteel for a factory refurbishment. We offer remote support on our legacy systems regarding installation and training.  

Based upon how long you have owned the equipment, we will apply a percentage of the value of the system, minus ancillary components, towards an upgrade purchase.  

TruSteel’s Maintenance Packages are focused on preventing down-time, increasing efficiency, lowering costs over time, and ensuring the value of your equipment. 

  • Complete Equipment Inspection 
  • On-Site Equipment Maintenance 
  • On-Site Re-Training Offered 
  • On-Site Optimization Review 
  • Annual IQ/OQ Re-Qualification 
  • Extended Annual Warranty* 
  • Discounts on Products and Equipment*