InstaCool SERIES

Continuous Solvent Cooling Systems

The InstaCool Series is designed to chill clean solvent from room temperature down to -55C, completely inline. Control filling of any centrifuge or extractor with adjustable volumes at the push of a button. Features a flow meter for precise volume measurement, 7 thermocouples for measuring process and coolant temps, as well as float switches to ensure your pump never runs dry and receiving tanks never overfill. Automation comes standard with a C1D2 rated 12 inch HMI with maximum pixel density, built-in fail safes, configurable users and recipes, alarms, data logging, and remote access.

TruSteel Standard

All AutoVap Equipment Includes*

*Installation not included with AV15 because set up is that easy!

Made in the USA

Designed, and built in Grass Valley, California by our team of expert engineers and assemblers to ensure the highest quality.

Continuous Process Flow

Eliminates hold up common with batch processing, reduces amount of solvent in play in the system meaning so you can turn product around faster, safer, and more efficiently.

-55 °C Rated

Multiple configurations available from room temp down to -55C. Colder solutions available upon request.


Programmable logic controller eliminates user error and downtime. Simply put, you can’t break it!


Our team of professional installers will ensure everything is operating correctly and qualify the system, and even help dial in your SOPs!


Training is included, and new operators can be trained and added on the fly with our remote access features.

Engineer Reviewed

Peer Engineer Reviewed for C1D2 hazardous locations to ensure critical design safety.


We guarantee the system will perform to the listed specifications, or your money back! Talk to us today about your application, and see how TruSteel can guarantee your performance.