Modular Wiped Film Distillation Equipment

Short Vs. Long Path

Achieve the ultimate separation with a Long Path Evaporator. Many compounds share properties that make separation difficult, such as terpenes or solvent vapor that act as a carrier. Increasing the vapor path will limit crossover in the de-volatilization stage, increasing yields and removal efficency. Further processing of heavier compounds is best carried out in a Short Path Evaporator, where the distance of the vapor is minimal, and deep vacuum is applied for critical molecular separation and higher purities.

EVO Series

Standard Features

Low Residence Time

Less Than 3 Minutes. Minimal residence time is key for reducing degradation at high temperatures.

Explosion Proof Optional

Hazloc Control System and Motors. Engineered to C1D2 specifications and signed off by a UL508B panel shop.

Control Panel

Controls everything with the push of a button. Dial in heater/chiller/vacuum parameters and create custom recipes with alarms and failsafes.

Continuous Flow

Gear pumps for feed and discharge means no more swapping flasks and turning off the system.

Installation Included

Our team of professional installers will ensure everything is operating correctly and qualify the system, and even help dial in your SOPs!


Training is included, and new operators can be trained and added on the fly with our remote access features.

Engineer Reviewed

Peer Engineer Review available upon configuration to ensure critical design safety.


Talk to us today about your application, and see how TruSteel can guarantee the system will perform to your specifications!