Falling Film Evaporators For Solvent Recovery and More

Our flagship series, The AutoVap, is the most sophisticated, compact, and efficient falling film evaporator on the market. Crucial for solvent stripping, dewatering, and general concentration, falling film evaporators make thousands of products we consume every day. With multiple standardized models, there is no process too big or too small for The AutoVap! Applications span hundreds of industries thanks to it’s materials of construction, compatible with almost every chemical under the sun. Anywhere evaporation of solvent or dewatering is needed, The AutoVap is the clear choice.

Started by a need to replace glass rotary evaporators, we set out to make the most advanced evaporator. With over a hundred units in the field, the AutoVap has stood the test of time as #1 evaporator for solvent recovery and other industries.

TruSteel Standard

All AutoVap Equipment Includes*

*Installation not included with AV15 because set up is that easy!

AutoVap™ Series Details

AV 15 AV 30 AV 100 AV 300
Ancillary IncludedYesYes Yes Yes
Installation IncludedNo, but set up is easyYes Yes Yes
Warranty1 Year1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Max GPH2045100320
Removal Efficiency99%99% 99% 99%
AutomationSemi AutoYes Yes Yes
UL 508B PLCNo PLCYes Yes Yes
Sanitary DesignNo – See AV40GMPInquireYes Yes