Long Path Standalone Evaporator

Base Model: Decarboxylation, Solvent Stripping, and Terpene Removal

Achieve the ultimate separation with a Long Path Evaporator. Many compounds share properties that make separation difficult, such as terpenes or solvent vapor that act as a carrier. Increasing the vapor path will limit crossover in the de-volatilization stage, increasing yields and removal efficiency. Further processing of heavier compounds is best carried out in a Short Path Evaporator, where the distance of the vapor is minimal, and deep vacuum is applied for critical molecular separation and higher purities.

Start with a Stand-Alone unit and built your ideal distillation unit from there. We can customize the system to distill just about anything.

Modular Design

The modular design allows for continual expansion as your business grows. Easily upgrade as your production needs increase. Plumbing components are simple to rearrange and are available for all configurations for the ultimate control over your distillation process.

Up to 25 Liters / Hr Input
Manual or Fully Automated
Up to 99% Removal Efficiency
Ultra Low Residence Time
C1D2 Version Available
Peer Engineer Reviewed
UL 508B Controls
Made in the USA

Quality Standards

FeaturesTouch Screen
Feed Vessel
Scroll Vacuum Pump
Power *100 A @ 208V 3P
50A @ 480V 3P
Dimensions (inches)72W x 36D x 95.5H
External Condenser Surface Area3 ft²

*Power based on average configuration – may vary

  • 2.4 ft² Evaporator Surface Area
  • Immersion Probe Cold Trap
  • 6 to 12kW Oil Heater
  • Multiple Chiller Configurations Available
  • 16 Channel Thermocouple Card on Each Unit
  • Fully Jacketed Process Piping, Pumps, and Valves

The EVO Wiped Film Evaporator is built with modularity in mind. Start with a stand-alone unit and build your way up to the ultimate distillation machine. Combining long and short path distillation provides greater flexibility to further purify your target compunds.

Looking for a custom distillation solution?

Our engineers can build a custom solution for you.

Very Pleased with Performance

“We have been running the EVO-6 for 3-4 months now and our company has been very pleased with its performance. The automation features are next level; being able to start-up and operate the unit remotely is a game changer.”

– Taylor Benson, HKH Industries

Exceeded Expectations

“At the early stages, we sat down with the TruSteel team and told them our expectations. Once I operated the EVO, I quickly realized it had exceeded those expectations. TruSteel provided us with a level of service that is rare in this industry. It was clear the level of dedication TruSteel provides to its customers.”

– Taylor Benson, HKH Industries