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AutoVap Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-use the collected solvent (ethanol)?


What is used to heat the evaporator column?

Heated Water

What is the max temperature in the column?

90 Celsius / 194 Fahrenheit

What is the average residence time?

30 Seconds

How much solvent can be recovered on the 1 st pass?


What is the max psi in the unit?

Under 15 PSI

How is material transferred through the unit?


Does the AutoVap require installation under a vent hood?

NO. The AutoVap can vent off in
another room or outside.

Is the heater and chiller rated for installation outside?

YES; we recommend this, as the chiller
does output a lot of heat. We also recommend building a covering as well.

What is recommended for removing the final % of solvent in material?

Decarboxylation Vessel
DR-10 by TruSteel

What maintenance is required?

Cleaning cycle at end of operation and quarterly scheduled maintenance for replacing gaskets

How many amps do I need to run this?

Some of the ancillary equipment requires 90+ amp breakers. We recommend having your electrician contact TruSteel for electrical requirements.

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