FAQ’s With Ray – Extraction Part 1

Q:  Can the same extraction equipment be used for cannabis ethanol and oil extraction? 

RVL:  Yes, this is all based around ethanol.  It can be used for other solvents.  We have gone to great lengths to make sure that all our equipment is compatible with a wide variety of solvents because cannabis is not our only target market. 

Q:  Is it better to use cold water for solvent extraction? 

RVL:  Cannabinoids are not readily soluble in water, so typically with cold water extraction the water is actually just a medium.  You take ice and water, blend cannabis biomass with it, and agitate it to knock off the trichomes (glands that contain THC/CBD) from the cannabis leaves and buds. This is passed through a series of mesh bags that filter out the biomass and captures the trichomes. That leaves a product that’s typically 60% to 70% purity.  It still has a lot of excess plant matter inside it.  If you look at a trichome under a microscope, it’s kind of like a wax ball, and inside that ball is the active ingredient, so if you knock that off with water you still must extract the active ingredient if you’re trying to achieve a higher purity.


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