FAQ's With Ray - Extraction Part 2 - TruSteel LLC

Q:  How do you ensure that your centrifuge is explosion proof?  What are the safeguards for that? 

RVL:  A lot of that just comes down to electrical code, so it really starts with the motor.  There’s an explosion proof motor on it and there’s a specific code which determines what type of conduit to run to it.  In a typical installation, the electrician usually puts an expanding foam inside that encapsulates all the wires. The control panels operate on intrinsic safety, there is a special circuit breaker that limits the amperage going to the HMI, and if a short were to happen, it’s not enough electricity to create a spark. 

Q:  You offer a couple of models of centrifuges? 

RVL:  Currently we offer Precision C-15 and C-40 centrifuges, and we also work with Heinkel.  They have an inverting basket centrifuge that comes in various sizes.  The HF 300 through the HF 800, and those are continuously fed, continuously discharging machines.  I would consider the Heinkel a superior piece of equipment, I can’t wait for us to build a facility utilizing one!

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