InstaCool Series

InstaCool 300 Clean Solvent Cooling System

100-300 US Gal/hr (379-1135 Liters)

The InstaCool 300 is designed to chill up to 300 US Gal/hr of clean solvent from room temperature down to -55C, completely inline. Control filling of any centrifuge or extractor with adjustable volumes at the push of a button. Tanks are available upon request to configure the ideal solution for your laboratory. Features a flow meter for precise volume measurement, 7 thermocouples for measuring process and coolant temps, as well as float switches to ensure your pump never runs dry and receiving tanks never overfill. Automation comes standard with a C1D2 rated 12 inch HMI with maximum pixel density, built-in fail safes, configurable users and recipes, alarms, data logging, and remote access.

Fast, Efficient Solvent Cooling

The InstaCool is designed to chill up to 300 US gal/hr from room temp down to -55C inline when paired with ancillary chillers. Optional tanks and attachments control filling of any centrifuge or extractor with adjustable volumes at the push of a button.

Automation comes standard with a HMI, built-in fail safes, alarms, data logging, and remote control.

Options up to 300 US Gal/Hr

(1135 Liters) Per Hour of Solvent

Complete Automation

Modbus Integration Compatibility

-55° Rated

Dial in your Ideal Extraction Temp

Continuos Process Flow

Eliminates Solvent Pre-Chilling and Storage

C1D2 Compliant

Hazloc Motor & Intrinsically Safe HMI

Peer Engineer Reviewed

Streamlined Safety Approval Process

UL and cUL Compliant

Control Panel, PLC and Motors

Made in the USA

Highest Standard of Quality & Testing

Quality Standards

Base Unit (Inside C1D2 Zone)
41 x 26 x 61 (L x W x H inches)
PLC (Non-Hazardous Zone)
12 x 30 x 36 (Approx. L x W x H inches)
208-230V 1Ø 30A
ChillersModels vary to meet your temperature and flow rate requirements.
Configurations from 30 to 300 US Gal/hr are available.

  • Wetted Materials: 304 & 316 Steel, PTFE
  • Compatible with: Ethanol, Methanol, Heptane, Hexane, Acetone, Acetonitrile
  • Peer Engineer Reviewed
  • USA and Canadian UL Listed Panel & Motors
  • Installation, Training & Support Included
  • 1 Year Warranty

The instacool is a revolutionary temperature control unit for inline chilling of clean solvent. Processors can supply the extraction equipment with cold solvent when they need it, maximizing their extractors performance while preventing the need for pre-chilling and storing high volumes of solvent. It’s design also eliminates the risk of leaking refrigerant into the process.

The intelligent controls allow you to maximize the performance of any chiller unit on the market, and features modbus communication for easier networking.

As with all TruSteel products, the control module seamlessly integrates into your lab space. This allows for remote access, data-logging, and performance monitoring.

The InstaCool is an investment in your future as this scalable solution that can grow with your business. Processors using this system have the ability to easily add more extractors and provide more solvent without having to purchase another unit or use consumables like liquid nitrogen.

Looking for a custom inline cooling solution?

Our engineers can build a custom solution for you.

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

“I was surprised at how fast we were able to install the equipment with the pandemic going on. They were very patient with us even when we got frustrated with the situation. Very friendly and knowledgeable.”

– Altmed Arizona

Extremely helpful.

Overall the experience was good. Tristan and Aiden were great they came in and got the job done. Tristan also did a phone training with me ahead of time so that we could get production running asap and that was extremely helpful.

– Terrascend (nj)