Operation Warp Speed | AV40 GMP

Operation Warp Speed

By Hayden Tucker, Sales Director

“On March 18, 2020, President Trump issued Executive Order 13909, “Prioritizing and Allocating Health and Medical Resources to Respond to the Spread of COVID–19.” Through Executive Order 13909, the President invoked the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (50 U.S.C. 4501 et seq.) (“DPA”) as a means for ensuring that all health and medical resources needed to respond to the spread of COVID–19 are made available to support the nation’s healthcare system. ”

Because of Operation Warp Speed, TruSteel is proud to announce the launch of a new product series: The AutoVap GMP. Now, rotary evaporators and batch-style processes for evaporation at a pharmaceutical-grade standard can be replaced with a completely continuous process, a falling film evaporator capable of doing the work of 20 20L Rotary Evaporators in the footprint as two. Concentrate your material faster than ever, with up to a 95%+ evaporation rate (dependent on solvent, solvent mixture, and water content).

The AutoVap GMP offers the best of the original AutoVap design, along with several additional benefits never before available. cGMP Compliance

  • cGMP Compliance
    • Material Certification on Wetted Components
    • Welding Certification and Supporting Documents
    • Installation and Operation Qualification
    • 21 CFR11 Standards within PLC/Data Validation
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Standards
    • 25 RA or better Surface Finish
    • 316L Stainless Steel
    • Domestically Sourced
  • Increased Capability in a Smaller Footprint
    • Up to 40 Gal/Hr Solvent Recovery
    • 8′ in Height
    • Completely Continuous with discharge of solvent and residue
    • Multi-Solvent Capability

Our team is proud to have been able to answer the nation’s call for help. By focusing our resources on this crisis, we were able to develop and innovate faster than ever before. Best of all, TruSteel is able to share this technology for use in other medical processes and with other industries.

Since 2017, we’ve found ourselves replacing rotary evaporators from laboratories across industries. Our automated systems allow labs to scale with fewer technicians and with higher reliability. Four years later, we’re helping Global Pharma Companies with the AutoVap and our custom processing knowledge — saving valuable time and increasing throughput without compromising quality.

What excites us the most is that this all started with a simple material test to gather some results and now we have this technology available for other industries before they need it. We will continue to use the same process and attention to detail during Operation Warp Speed, as it has proved to be the best way to move quickly with confidence.

One company we are working with moved from using multiple rotovaps in a facility to a single AutoVap™40 GMP. This allowed them to increase their production and decrease their overall footprint and labor costs. What used to take them 7 days to produce can be produced in a single 8-hour shift. They are now ordering an AutoVap™60 GMP equipped with complete automation and 21 CFR 11 compliance to add on to their process, preparing them for future growth.

If you’re interested in talking to one of our sales representatives about the AutoVap GMP, be prepared to discuss a material test or simulation before our team can customize the system perfect for you. Material Testing is offered for the AutoVap series on-site at our location in Grass Valley, California. Typically, a material test involves 30-100 gallons of feed material and specific requirements for “the goal”. TruSteel will use our expertise to run the material at the correct parameter set in order to meet “the goal”. Collect data on the entire test, along with product temperature, and product samples for your own analysis. These tests can also help determine degradation rates through real-world testing of various temperatures, pressures, time, and flow rates. All of this ensures that our equipment will work exactly the way you want it to and removes any doubt from your team by delivering real results and a performance guarantee

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