FAQ’s With Ray – Solvents Part 1

Q:  What are the top solvents that you use? 

RVL:  For cannabis extraction, mainly ethanol.  We prefer ethanol because it’s a liquid at room temperature and it’s generally a different license type from hydrocarbon extracts like butane or propane.  It’s easier to obtain a license for and it’s less dangerous in the eyes of the fire department.  However our systems are rated for many other solvents commonly used in post processing of cannabis or different industries. We use PTFE and Kalrez gaskets and 304 or 316L stainless which are compatible with virtually every solvent under the sun that is liquid at room temperature. Our systems are 3rd party peer reviewed for Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropyl, Hexane, Heptane, Acetone, Acetonitrile, and can be used and even custom tailored for many others. 

Q:  How do you recycle your solvents? 

RVL:  The Autovap system.  That’s its intended purpose. 

Q:  What are virgin solvents? 

RVL:  Virgin solvent would be anything that’s coming direct from the manufacturer that’s been unused in the extraction process.  After your solvent has been recovered by the AutoVap, it is no longer considered “virgin” without significant analytical testing and potentially rectifying the condensate coming from the AutoVap in a still that has reflux capabilities. 


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