FAQ’s With Ray – TruSeries Part 1

Q:  What kind of equipment do you need for cannabis extraction?  I know that you have several different products. 

RVL:  We have our InstaCool, which is essentially just a pump and a couple of heat exchangers on a skid, and you hook some chillers up to it.  It takes solvent from a holding tank, pumps it through the heat exchangers, and cools down the solvent in the line, which will fill up another storage tank.  Next is the centrifuge; currently we’re distributing precision centrifuges.  We’ll pair those with our system, so you centrifuge out your biomass, and that goes into another holding tank.  From there you pump it through a filtration skid (we have not named ours anything other than filtration skid for the moment), and then from there it goes into our AutoVap.  From our AutoVap, to decarb it, it goes into our DR-10.  From there it goes into the EVO, and from there it would go into a crystallization skid, which we have yet to develop.


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